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We are a rag-tag band of social misfits, dysfunctional people, misanthropes, and OCD personalities who love dogs. We have a few who are socially and mentally well-adjusted, but they are in the minority.

Of course, this is totally normal for dog rescue groups.  Most of us like hanging around dogs because we don't always do so well with people. Happily, even the most maladjusted of us likes other dog people, and we make it a special point to take care of our people as well as our dogs--a thing none of us have seen in any of the other rescue groups we've belonged to over the years.

We have monthly meetings where we deviously encourage our volunteers to come by having potlucks. (We have some spectacular chefs in the group.) We like to have all voices heard. Out of a group of about 25, typically 12 to 15 people show up.

Whatever you have to contribute--time, ideas, expertise, donations--you'll find a welcoming crowd.  Just fill out the quick and painless form below and email it or bring it to an adoption event. Come and join us!

We're a relatively new group, about a year old.  We are an all-volunteer, 100% foster-based organization--no shelters or facilities to crush the spirits of our dogs.  We typically have 12  to 15 dogs in the program.  We are trying like heck to recruit more fosters so we can rescue more dogs.

What We Need Most

  • Fosters: We can only rescue as many dogs as we have homes for, so this is a constant need.  Fosters are so important to us they get their own section below!

  • Adoption Event Help. We keep our dogs out of crates at adoption events so they can interact with the public, and we can always use extra hands to walk dogs, play with them, calm them down if they get too excited, and so on. 

  • Special Event Help: We can use help with our various fundraisers throughout the year--everything from getting people and their dogs ready for a photo shoot, to helping physically set up events, to providing suggestions for new fundraising venues.

  • Anything Else You Can Think of To Help. We have (optional) monthly meetings combined with a potluck. Technically, they're board meetings, but we like to have everybody there to see what we're up to and contribute ideas.

Fostering for Dashing Dog Rescue
We try very hard to make fostering a rewarding experience. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Fast adoptions. Our smaller dogs all get adopted quickly--typically in 1 week from the time we post them. We are very fortunate to have a talented dog photographer (who took most the photos of our fosters on this website) and an equally talented writer.  This team makes our dogs very appealing.  To date every dog we have posted online has been adopted from our posting.  We actually have to not post some dogs so we have dogs available to take to adoption events. Larger dogs can take longer, but not always. The longest it has taken to get a dog adopted from time of posting is 6 weeks.
  • Backup fosters. If you're thinking of fostering for the first time, we will have a backup foster in case you get a dog with some unexpected bad behavior that's too much for you to deal with.
  • Pick your own dog. You can come to the shelters with us and choose your dog, or you can give us an idea of the kind of dog you're looking for, and we'll find it and deliver it to you.
  • Control over who adopts your dog. If a potential adopter looks skeezy or in any way appropriate to you, you have veto power.  Your foster dog goes to a home that you approve of.  You can be as involved or uninvolved in the adoption process as you'd like.
Here's how our foster process works:

  1. Fill our our foster application, below.  It is short and painless.  Either submit it via email, or catch up with us at one of our adoption events.
  2. Our Dog Coordinator will call you and answer any questions you may have.  Then she will arrange to come for a home visit.  Happily, our Dog Coordinator is one of the few socially well-adjusted people in our group.
  3. When you're ready, you pick your dog.
  4. Sometimes our dogs come from the shelters fully vetted.  Sometimes, we have to get them to the vet for shots, microchips, spay/neuter, and other medical treatments.  Fosters typically transport their own dogs, but if your work hours prevent you from going, we arrange transport.
  5. We keep all dogs for two weeks before adopting them out.  This gives us time to get to know their personalities and habits, as well as to make sure they're aren't any lingering medical issues.
  6. If all is well after the two weeks, we either post them online, or take them to adoption events, or both.  It is up to fosters to get the dogs to adoption events. Our adoption events take place on Saturdays from 11:00 to 3:00.  We currently have evens at Petsmart in Flower Mound and the Argyle Feed Store in Argyle.

We are always looking for fosters for any breed (including bully breeds), any size, any age. If you've got room in your home and your heart for an extra dog from time to time, please contact us!